Home Sponsorship Details


  • Potential Home Sponsors: 
    • Individuals
    • Families
    • Friends
    • Clubs
    • Foundations
    • Schools
    • Churches
    • Small Groups
    • Businesses
  • Build a home "In Honor of" or "In Memory of" someone.

Levels of Involvement

  • Option Two - Give/Go
    • Take a week and be there to share the work, the joy, and experience the change in your own life. (additional airfare and ground fee expenses) 


  • Updates of the build as it takes place on the Dwellings web blog. Example
  • Banner which is posted on the job site with your name recognizing your donation during the build and sent to you when the build is completed. Others who see this banner may be inspired to respond in kind and help another family.
  • A photo memory book with before during and after pictures, the family bio and notes from the recipient family.
  • The knowledge that you are changing lives.
  • Ongoing contact with the family if desired.

How a Family Qualifies for a Home

  • Proof of legal ownership of land so we are not building on "squatter" or other inappropriate land that will be taken from them. 
  • Community based approval - local leaders
    • Decisions are based on cultural and community dynamics.

The Positive Impact of Providing a Home for a Family

I want to help change a families future.