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Diversity / Autonomy / Responsibility

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  • Diversity - Respecting and Celebrating God given uniqueness, style of ministry, and calling.

  • Autonomy - Giving people space to do what God has called them to do the way God has called them to do it.

  • Responsibility - Being accountable to one another and operating within corporate guidelines while ultimately staying true to God.

Alternative Missions became a non-profit corporation in 1995 to facilitate the hopes and dreams of a group of friends. Since that time A. M. has operated as a growing organization encouraging missionaries and mission teams to believe God for great things as they seek to share the love of God and message of the Gospel. 

What does Alternative Missions do?

We pioneer and run ministry projects...

  • Ministry locations in various countries. 

We coordinate resources related to missions...

  • Teams, equipment, supplies.

We recruit, train, and facilitate missionaries... 

  • Alternative Missions University and Staff support


Statement of Purpose

Alternative Missions exists to...

  • Express the love of God in ways that are relevant, creative and tangible in order to influence people to come under the lordship of Jesus Christ.

  • Seek out and partner with others who want to commit to the long term process related to influencing people for Christ.

  • Network resources to missions projects around the world.

We truly believe that "You can do things I cannot do; I can do things you cannot do and together we can do great things!" Mother Theresa

Let's serve together!

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