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Strengths - "If you find it in your heart, can I be forgiven?" - Bob Dylan



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This has been an interesting morning. I have been preparing for a phone call/interview regarding the history of Surfers For Missions International, one of the ministries I have been involved in pioneering over the years. Reviewing the details related to events and people over a 10+ year time span has evoked memories of gratitude and regret. There are so many miracles, special people, and yet difficult aspects to any given endeavor. As I weaved my way through the narrative in my mind I experienced the spectrum of emotions from joy to sorrow. We; God and people, accomplished some amazing things! I recalled stories of calling, provision, adventure, friendship and changed lives. The bummer is that there are also stories of misunderstandings, hurt, and disappointment. While I do have some regrets, I am thankful for my involvement to this day. If I were to sum up what I am concluding, I would have to say that I realize my personal strengths are also the things that make my life complicated. I suppose we can all say that.

In the past I have taken various "strengths" tests and found them to be enlightening and quite accurate. According to one test my strengths are - Strategic, Self-Assurance, Connectedness, Futuristic, and Activator. The downside is that there are negative aspects or byproducts to each strength, many of which you may have personally experienced if we have been involved in something together.  Those who have been involved in projects with me know that I am not afraid to take a chance and much about "failure" really does not bother me. Another thing about me is that I can become bored easily which adds to the complications of how I do life. I could go on and on regarding the negative side of my strengths. My hope is that going into the future, I will be more aware of my strengths and weaknesses. More than anything I hope, in time, I can reconnect with some folks while going on to new projects, people and accomplishments.


  • I could have a redo on some things.
  • I understood some people and situations better.
  • I was in touch with some folks that are no longer in my life.

I Am Thankful For:

  • The amazing people I have met, places I have gone, and things God has blessed me with getting to do.
  • My wife, kids, and friends that have not given up on doing life with me.
  • The way God is patient with me and allows me to participate in what He is doing.

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Wow that was great! I love it that you would express those feelings with honesty like that. I can see with me that many of my strengths are also weaknesses as well. It's cool how we can learn as we grow and even re-connect with old friends. Nice note...

You have been through it with us Andy. Thanks for your patience and understanding along the way!

It's been great! I know that I complained about some things when I was a kid/adolescent but I am so thankful for getting to grow up in so many different places around so many unique people. I want Dylan to grow up in a similar way for sure.

I still remember our times with you in Mexico . . . and I can honestly say with no regrets . . . thanks for allowing me to learn and serve along side you as a fellow worker in His Kingdom . . .

Bless God Today - (Matt 5:16) my friend.

Thank you Mike! It is good to hear from you. God is good to us.


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