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We (Alternative Missions) use and I recommend the resources provided by Ministry Insights for team building. In particular I recommend the "Leading From Your Strengths" profile. If you are looking for team buidling tools I think you would find this helpful.

Leading From Your Stengths Workbook: free

Different by Design video: (12:28 in length).

Different by Design (video notes)

1. A fully functioning team depends on interdependence to become one. I Cor.12:12
2. You don't need to be someone different to become all that God created you to be. I Cor.12:14-16
3. There is great value in differences. I Cor.12:17
4. Differences are designed to complete you not frustrate you. I Cor.12:18

Turning Conflict into Cooperation - Differences create 4 predicatable areas of conflict

1. How you respond to a problem or challenge
 Let's solve it now - aggressive
 Let's size it up - passive

2. How you process information
 It must be true - Optimistic
 We need to validate - Realistic

3. How you deal with change and pace
 Let's stick to the plan - Predictable
 Let's try something new - Dynamic

4. How you view rules and risk
 The rules protect us - Cautious
 The rules are obstacles - Impulsive

Are you embracing the team concept and working together to make your team effective? Do you know your strengths and those of your team mates? Communication with your team is huge. Are you taking time to talk and process these concepts together? The notes above are a good place to start.

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I have had the privilege of training the Leading From Your Strengths message all around the world and have seen these truths impact tens-of-thousands of leaders.

It is liberating when a leader discovers his or her strengths and determines to lead from their strengths and stop trying to become something God did not create them to be.

Over the years we have made some minor changes to the message to help bring a deeper level of understanding to a persons unique strengths. An example would be in the first and fourth areas of the predictable areas conflict outlined above.

1. How you respond to a problem or challenge
Let's solve it now - Aggressive
Let's size it up - (Reflective)

Passive can be seen as a negative term so we have changed this to reflective. This is a better strengths descriptor of what we are actually trying to communicate.

4. How you view rules and risk
The rules protect us - (Structured)
The rules are obstacles - (Pioneering)

Once again we have moved away from potentially negative terms to more positive descriptors.

They key is that God has created each of us fearfully and wonderfully. And he has given us a unique bent to accomplish what he has "marked" for us. We must learn to lead from our strengths and allow others, that are very different than us, to step into our limitations. This is how we become the Body of Christ - many parts but one body.

I like the changes. Well said and more positive.

Thanks, Tom.
Very timely for me and Sylvia especially... more than you can begin to know.

Dave C. <><

Glad to hear that the information is helpful.


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