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This then is what it means to seek God perfectly:


to withdraw from illusion and pleasure, from worldly anxieties and desires, from the works that God does not want, from a glory that is only human display;

to keep my mind free from confusion in order that my liberty may be always at the disposal of His will;

to entertain silence in my heart and listen for the voice of God;

to cultivate an intellectual freedom from the images of created things in order to receive the secret contact of God in obscure love;

to love all men as myself;

to rest in humility and to find peace in withdrawal from conflict and competition with other men;

to turn aside from controversy and put away heavy loads of judgment and censorship and criticism and the whole burden of opinions that I have no obligation to carry;

to have a will that is always ready to fold back within itself and draw all the powers of the soul down from its deepest center to rest in silent expectancy for the coming of God, poised in tranquil and effortless concentration upon the point of my dependence on Him;

to gather all that I am, and have all that I can possibly suffer or do or be, and abandon them all to God in the resignation of a perfect love and blind faith and pure trust in God, to do His will.

And then to wait in peace and emptiness and oblivion of all things.

Taken from "New Seeds of Contemplation" - Thomas Merton

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This insight gives me plenty to consider and reorder in my life. I can start by confessing my addiction to t.v. especially the "news".

What keeps you from seeking God?

A lot of food for thought in this excerpt. It reminds me of something our Pastor asked before Christmas. He asked who is on the throne? It was a good reminder that often we bump God from His own throne. When a situation occurs I try to handle it on my own, especially if I have created the situation. When it is not working out I get desperate and eventually I let go and let God. The problem is that if I don't see results, I take the situation back and try to handle it again on my own. I have always been a worry wart and I am learning more and more that there is a difference between concern and worry. It is OK to be concerned, but worry doesn't help anyone. The time I worry would be more productive if spent in prayer. I know that in the end Father knows best!! All I have to do is trust and obey!

In the previous comment I spelled my own name wrong. That's OK, maybe there is someone out there named Jenent.


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