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You can be a church planter within your spheres of influence.


We all live in several "worlds" where we have some level of, school, neighborhood, hobby or interest group, etc.. In Kevin Sutters book he shares keys to church planting movements along with practical insights that you can do! 

Here are the first 5 of 26 keys shared...

1.  SEE God's purpose to bless and transform all nations/people.

2.  BELIEVE in the Church's potential to reproduce and cover the earth.

3.  PRAY and ask God about your role in planting the church.

4.  PLAN for a church planting movement.

5.  WORK together with like-minded people.


I higly recommend that you purchase and read this practical book and get started planting a church in your world: Keys to Church Planting Movements 


How are you involved in church planting in your home, office, school, among friends? What does it "look like"?


Additional reading: The Spontaneous Expansion of the Church; The Forgotten Ways

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I really agree that church-planting is something we all do at all times. It's the job of all of us. These themes are so important for us to all be thinking of. It's time to forget the mega-corporation church models and create our own unique communities. It's time to create environments where we all have a voice and real connection is possible.

I think the first step in the process (See) is probably the most important. Seeing God's desire to bless, change and heal people all across the world. I really think that is all the God is concerned about.

It is hard in our world right now that avoids intimacy and sincerity. Marketing, consumerism and demographics have broken us down. We are only meaningful according to our ability to buy things. The message of Jesus is totally foreign to this type of thinking.

Man...we have so many things to change. Sometimes I don't know where to start...

I recently was introduced to this blog:

Joy does a good job of describing what many are processing regarding "church planting" at the home, organic church level. Check out her post titled "Tension".


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