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I was recently looking through a file of "snail mail" newsletters that I began sending family and friends in 1982 when I first stepped into the "missionary life" with my wife Linnea and at the time two children. My intent from the beginning was to make our "calling" to missions a shared experience with those who wanted to go along. It has been a long and winding road filled with surprises, accomplishments and our share of "learning experiences". I truly feel as if I have gone down this road with a community of friends. As I launch this new blog I am reminded of the hassle and cost of snail mail in the past and the complications of internet use in foreign coutries as new technologies were developing. The social networks, websites and email we use today have made life so much easier. My hope is that through this blog I will be able to be transparent, vulnerable, helpful, and communicate clear steps of action for involvement so that more folks than ever can be mobilized into missions. Please join me.

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Tom, I love this so much. Today talking with you, and now having read many posts on this excellent blog, I feel we have officially joined each other in this journey. What an awesome journey it is, so worthy of being shared. Thank you for the inspiration you and Linnea are to Ben and I.


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