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A Cycle of Life...Pray, Go, Give


Pray/Go/Give is a winning formula for making a difference and enriching our lives.

It is amazing how fast life can go bye and we are left looking back and wondering how we could have done life better. Let me offer a way of thinking about how to spend your life that will be helpful, productive and meaningful.

Pray - Prayer is the place were God shares His heart, His plan, and the inspiration needed to take action. Make a habit of spending time asking God what you can do to make a difference with your time, talents, and resources.  As we pray we are compelled to GO.

Go - Go means a change of location. I am talking locally and internationally. Crossing cultures and changing geographic locations enables us to learn things that we could never learn in our own world. If you want to know the joy of  life go out and give yourself away to others. As we share ourselves we gain from what we experience. As we go we are compelled to GIVE.

Give - Sharing from our "treasure" helps us gain new wealth that personal possessions can't match. To direct our resources in such a way as to make a difference in this world is a powerful expression of what we say we believe. As we give we are compelled to PRAY and the cycle repeats itself.

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Great post Tom.

I find that I am incredibly inspired in some fashion or another when I take time to pray. Subsequently I feel inspired to “go”. I typically see this as any “doing” based on the inspiration God is birthing in my heart.

It all falls apart, however, when I choose not to act. It’s like putting gas in the car and never going anywhere.

But when I “go” I’m amazed at how, even though I wasn’t 100% confident in what I was doing or committing to, God teaches me, refines me, and blesses the action.


Regarding prayer I like the saying “God shares with the person who cares” or when we take time to pray God is more than willing to speak to us about what is on His heart. Spending time with God is definately the first and most important thing we can do.

And the car analogy…for sure a moving (doing) car is easier to steer than a parked one.

When we go and give we cannot help but receive … it is a spiritual truth. When we give away our lives we find meaningful life.


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